About the WE Knife Company Banter

Every so often a knife comes along that, despite looking vanilla as can be, creates an uproar among knife owners, collectors, and general enthusiasts.

The Buck 110 folding hunter did it. The CRKT Squid did it. And now, the WE Knife Company Banter is doing it.

Well, that’s not really news. The WE Banter has been around for a few years now, but all the same, it’s received pretty much universal acclaim.

Here’s what you should know if you’re thinking about getting one.

First, the WE Banter is relatively small. Closed, it’s 3.62”, open, 6.52, with a 2.9” blade. It weighs 2.86 oz. So what about the other specs?

Blade Profile and Steel

The WE Banter features a relatively nondescript blade profile with a generic drop-point blade shape – actually, it’s more of a spear point.

The blade is stonewashed and features a flat grind.

All of these things you can find in other, similarly sized knives. But the WE Banter is predominantly made with an S35VN steel blade.

This steel, which has high percentages of carbon, chromium, vanadium, and molybdenum, as well as a trace of niobium, offers improved toughness over S30V.

It is extremely strong, resistant to shattering and chipping, and very hard. This means it can take a beating and hold an edge for a long time.

Also, thanks to its high chromium content, it is highly corrosion resistant, too.

If it gets sore marks on anything, it’ll be sharpening. S35VN is very tough to work with.

Handle Scales and Ergonomics

The WE Knife Company Banter features G10 scales (it’s also available with carbon fiber scales) and is made in a wide range of colors. It almost looks like a mix of a coffin and canoe handle pattern, vaguely quadrilateral with a curve under the belly instead of a swell.

Nonetheless, the weird handle geometry offers a secure grip and minimal to no hot spots, depending on the size of your hands and how you grip the knife.

This pocket knife’s scales, being made from G10, are also a big selling point, as G10 is chemical-resistant, water-resistant, rot-proof, UV-resistant, and much more. It’s basically impenetrable.

The handle configuration also features a lanyard hole.

Deployment, Lock, Carry

The WE Banter features dual side-pivot titanium thumb studs and a silky-smooth caged ceramic ball-bearing pivot mechanism.

This knife also features a liner lock and a pocket clip on the right side of the knife, which unfortunately is not reversible. But that’s hardly a ding.

All in all, it’s easy to carry around, flexible, and even gives you the option to use a lanyard – so on portability, it scores pretty well too, thanks to its small size and low weight.

Analysis: Where Can You Get This Gem from WE Knife Company?

The WE Knife Company Banter is boring – but we say that in the most positive light possible.

It’s boring the same way a hammer is when the goal is to drive a nail. It’s not exciting, but there’s no better tool for the job.

When it comes to no-frills EDC, the Banter passes with flying colors. It is lightweight, ergonomic, comfortable to use, surprisingly tough, and made featuring super steel and performance scale materials.

So, we’ll call it boring, but also an optimal tool.

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