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A Teen’s Guide To The Best Birth Control Methods

It’s crucial to discover a method of birth control that fits you and if you’re interested in sex or intend to have sex. It’s crucial to take into account your genital, sexual preference, and gender while choosing a method of birth control. Anybody can find this challenging. And it will be even more challenging when you’re a young person who needs birth control methods. Other aspects including guardian approval, accessibility, and expense will need to be taken into account.

The best part is there are so many different types of contraceptives available, each with unique benefits and drawbacks. This quick guide can assist you in selecting a contraception plan that is right for you, whereas a doctor or nurse was best qualified to assist you in determining which is appropriate for your particular requirements.


There are several points to keep in mind as a teen before deciding on birth control methods.

  • There is no “appropriate” age to begin engaging in sexual activity, whether it is alone (also known as masturbating) or with another person.
  • There’s nothing wrong with just some couples having sex as teens, waiting until they are adults, or choosing to remain single forever. It is completely your decision.
  • It is completely up to you, whether you are wishing to engage in sexual activity or not. Just keep in mind to always give affirmative consent when you’re around your partner(s) and also to take precautions to avoid undesired pregnancies and STDs (STIs).
  • When you’re a juvenile and wish to utilize a particular method, you could require parental permission. Legal provisions on this subject can differ, therefore it’s necessary to study local regulations or consult a healthcare professional there.


  • You’ll require a pelvic screening to utilize some types of birth control methods, including an intrauterine device (IUD).
  • A doctor or any other nurse will examine your cervix and vagina during a pelvic screening, looking for any indications of inflammation or other serious factors. A Pap smear is typically included in pelvic exams.
  • For certain people, a pelvic ultrasound is nothing to worry about, but for others, it is uncomfortable. If you belong to that category, you may want to choose a contraception technique that does not call for a vaginal examination.
  • It is typically advised that you get a pelvic screening about once a year after starting to engage in sexual activity.


Keep in mind that you don’t just use the identical method of birth control forever. In actuality, lots of people switch tactics.

You may switch contraceptive options due to:

  • You begin to have negative effects, you can now afford a treatment that is more effective for you, and your lifestyle has changed.
  • But assure to see a medical expert before abandoning your present approach and adopting a new one. They may provide you with advice on how to move in the most effective manner possible while preferably minimizing any negative side effects.


  • There isn’t a true answer, just like any age category. The technique you select will rely on what is most practical for you and that suits your physique the healthiest. 
  • For instance, some individuals may experience adverse effects from one type of contraceptive method but not from another.
  • The approach that is easiest to use is condoms.


  • You can likely use condoms as a type of birth contraception the easiest. They are available at supermarkets or online. 
  • Additionally, you do not even take the medication, unlike most kinds of birth control methods.
  • The negative impacts are often rather uncommon and minor, but if you have a silicone or ordinary condom lubrication sensitivity.
  • One significant benefit of using condoms was that they might lessen your chance of getting an STI.
  • They could also be used in combination with some other contraception measures, such as the tablet and an IUD, to further lower your risk of becoming pregnant unintentionally.


  • One of the most often used birth control options is oral contraceptives. You can take the combined tablets or the mini pill.
  • There could be some negative aspects. To begin with, for any of them to work, you must take them around the same time each day for a successful result.


Will IUDs cause the hymen to be broken?

 It’s only a method that would be needed to fully break through the vaginal opening. This indicates that this may not be possible to do so in the room and that a technique in an operation unit might be required.

Who should never take an Intrauterine device?

A copper allergic, Wilson’s illness, or a bleeding issue that interferes with blood clotting must also prevent you from getting a Paragard IUD. And when you’ve had breast cancer, then need not seek a hormonal IUD. S sometimes, it can be challenging to correctly insert an IUD dependent on the size or form of a person’s uterus.

Are IUDs painful?

You can experience some mild discomfort and cramps while implantation. Some people have more intense pain and cramps. It can persist around for a few days. Some women find this discomfort manageable and believe that any discomfort or side effects are surpassed by the comfort which occurs from taking efficient contraceptive pills.

Which contraceptive does not lead to obesity?

Numerous studies have been conducted on the typical negative impacts of contraceptive methods. Also, studies demonstrate that using an IUD, ring, fix, or tablet will not cause you to lose or gain body weight. The birth control injections, as well as the contraception implant, are two forms of birth control that, in some users, result in gaining weight.

What are the ways to control pregnancy by a natural method?

A healthy contraceptive, also known as fertility awareness, does not use contraceptives or hormone therapy to end a pregnancy. To determine ovulation, women instead monitor variables including menstrual, cervical mucus, and body temperature.

Causes why you shouldn’t use contraceptive pills?

Although combined oral contraceptive tablets are very safe, they may slightly raise your risk of developing certain health issues. Although problems are uncommon but could be dangerous. It included liver tumors, heart disease, strokes, and hemorrhage. They may cause death in extremely rare circumstances.

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