A guide to pursuing fashion design courses in Canada

Undoubtedly, Canada has long been a favorite destination for international students. This country is blessed with natural beauty, a high standard of living, and robust educational standards. It is the dream of several students to study in Canada.  Canada has numerous universities which have attained top ranks in educational standards. Indeed students have a variety of courses to choose from. They need to decide on the course on basis of their interests and preferences. Fashion design remains a prominent choice of many international students.

 The fashion design industry is growing at a rapid pace.  The millennials are willing to spend a good amount of fortune on fashion. The fashion design course involves studying the varying fashion trends, garments, graphic design, visualization, and other vital aspects associated with fashion. So if you wish to pursue a career in fashion design in Canada then you should seek the guidance of the best Canada visa consultants to help you with the visa filing process. 

In this article, we will provide you with all the required information about pursuing a fashion design course in Canada.


Basically, you need to fulfill the below 2 eligibility conditions in order to be eligible to pursue this course-

A minimum of 50% in Class 12

English proficiency proof (IELTS or TOEFL score) 

So if you satisfy both these conditions you are eligible to study in Canada.

Why choose Canada for study?

Well, this can be a common question arising in minds of many students as to why they should select Canada for pursuing higher education. Importantly,  Canada delivers extremely robust educational standards at reasonable costs. If you go to France, or Italy to do a fashion design course then it will cost you millions. Consequently, it will burn a major hole in your pocket. Most importantly,  in Canada, there is a thriving Indian student community so you’ll not be alone. Actually, you can immediately land a dream job in Canada once you are done with your course. So due to these reasons, you should surely think about moving to Canada if you are planning to move to a foreign country for higher education. 


Top colleges for studying fashion design courses in Canada 

George Brown College 

This college is situated in Toronto. It is one of the most prominent colleges in the Toronto region.  This college offers courses in:

  • Fashion techniques and design

  • Fashion management

  • Fashion business Industry

  • International Fashion Development and Management Program

The course duration is year for the International Fashion Development and two years for the rest of the programs.

Tuition fees:

$3,498.00 – International Fashion Development Program 

$7000 – $7300 for the rest  programs

Ryerson University School of Fashion

 This college has been established for over 65 years and enjoys quite an eminent international reputation.  Hence it has consistently managed to secure a position among the best fashion schools globally. Consequently, it manages to get several admissions from international students.  Furthermore, this college is located on a beautiful campus in the metropolitan city of Toronto and offers the following courses 

  • Bachelor of Design (Fashion Design or Fashion Communication)

  • Master of Art Course

The course duration is four years for the Bachelor of Design (Fashion Design or Fashion Communication) and two years for the Master of Art course.

So the tuition fees here are mentioned below-

$27462- Bachelors course

$30707- Master of Art Course


Coco fashion design institute

Another prominent name among the reputable fashion institutes located in Toronto, Coco Fashion design Institute  institute offers the following courses:

  • Patternmaking and Garment Construction Certificate

  • Diploma course in Makeup Artistry and Pattern Development for Fashion Design

The duration is one year for these courses. So if you are looking for long-term courses then this might not be the college you’re looking for. 

Tuition fees:

$4000- Pattern Development for Fashion Design Diploma

$4500- Patternmaking and Garment Construction Certificate

$975-Makeup Artistry Course


Richard Robinson Fashion Design Academy

 Established in 1969, this academy is quite popular among international students. While most colleges for studying fashion design in Canada are situated in Toronto, The Richard Robinson Fashion Design Academy is located in the capital city of Ottawa. The institute offers the following courses  

  • Fashion Designer

  • Couturier programs

You can also opt for part-time courses in fashion design at this institute. Also, the course duration is 2 years for the full-time programs and 4 months for part-time courses.

Tuition fees:

$12,000- Fashion Designer program

$6500- Couturier program

$295 to $1000- Part-time courses

Lasalle college

Lasalle college boasts of having a strength of over 40% international students. This percentage signifies the educational standards at this college which have made it a top choice for international students wishing to pursue fashion design courses in Canada. 

Located in Montreal, the institute offers the following courses:

  • Fashion Design

  • Fashion Marketing program

So, the course duration for both these courses is 3 years but they provide the option to complete the course within 2 years. Hence, you can choose the duration as per your convenience. 

So the tuition fees for courses here are- 

$42108-Fashion Design program

$40272 -Fashion Marketing program

$28964- Intensive Fashion Design program

$27704 – Intensive Fashion Marketing program 

Finally, find detailed information about each of these colleges and furthermore decide which one you wish to choose to pursue a fashion design course. If you are finding it hard to process all the information and need expert help then consider connecting with the best immigration consultants in Jalandhar. They will provide you with clear and transparent information about all the colleges. Apart from this, they will manage the whole visa application process smoothly 


Wrapping it up

So fashion design is increasingly becoming a popular course among international students. There are several excellent universities offering various courses related to fashion design in Canada. Hence we are hopeful that this article would have made you aware of all the necessary information related to pursuing a fashion design course in Canada. 

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