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9 Strategies For Your Business to Increase Reach and Drive Action

Every business wants to attract new customers and grow, which is not always easy. Today, companies face so much competition in the marketplace. Thus, they must find smart ways to reach customers and drive action. Business owners can use many strategies to reach more customers and improve conversion. Here are nine strategies that brands can apply.

1. Update Website Content

Company websites help customers find out more about its product or services. Then, make a buying decision. Updating website content is key to creating value and building authority. Featuring a guest writer on the company blog also helps to confirm the value. Another way to increase reach is by sharing your company blogs on social media.

2. Marketing on Social Media Networks

Social media networks provide many opportunities to connect with new customers. A brand can post different types of content, such as photos and videos about its offering. Customers can also learn about your business through replies to comments and messages. Social proof on social media is a powerful persuasion tool. It helps customers to feel safe while making a buying decision.

3. Take part in Community Events

Companies can take part in local events to raise their profile in the community. Community centers, parks, and schools are some of the locales that host events. Businesses can use the events to showcase products or services to potential customers. An attention-grabbing video display at the event could help create a memorable experience. Customers will remember the brand in the future and look for its products in the market.

4. Partner with Complementary Businesses

Complementary businesses are likely to share similar audiences. Thus, sharing marketing messages with audiences becomes cost-effective. In this case, their products or services do not compete with your offering. Collaborations, co-sponsoring events, and partnerships can increase reach. They also give higher returns on investment for involved brands. In this regard, businesses should identify a complementary brand with exact audiences. Besides, they should collaborate on ways to improve the visibility of both companies.

5. Leverage Email Marketing

Email marketing keeps a brand in front of the customers. The first step is to build a mailing list to target specific customers. Businesses can then use the list to offer customers incentives and encourage them to buy. Automating emails allows you to use personalized messages to connect with customers. Also, regular mailing alerts customers about sales or promotions. They can also provide tips on using your product or service.

6. Use Webinars

Webinars have the potential to reach a broad audience. They strengthen the bond between a brand and its customers. Webinars should show how products or services will help customers solve their problems. Then, the customer will reduce doubts when making the buying decision. Hosting webinars help companies to create connections with customers that evolve into partnerships.

7. Use Online Reviews and Ratings

Many customers rely on online ratings and review sites when making buying decisions. Monitoring these sites and responding to any complaints or messages is necessary. You should encourage your customers to give reviews to gain enough social proof. Personal recommendations and word-of-mouth give potential customers confidence in your business. Chances are that new customers will take action if they see positive reviews.

8. Use Text Blasts

Text blast services that send bulk SMS messages are the most cost-effective way for brands to reach customers. They also increase purchasing intent. The messages reach a large number of people. SMS marketing provides a personal way for companies to run promotions. They can help to create reminders and surveys or even run promotions. Moreover, using text blasts allows businesses to get their message across.

9. Introduce an Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs allow companies to increase their product exposure with few resources. The online goal of any business is to reach as many potential buyers as possible. Affiliate programs help to recruit affiliates who become loyal brand advocates. Companies can use the data they get through these programs to improve sales. Understanding where customers come from and their buying motivation helps companies improve conversions.


Every business owner wants to grow and maintain a solid customer base. The above business strategies are vital in increasing your customer base.

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