8 of the Absolute Best Burgers in Lahore in 2022
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8 of the Absolute Best Burgers in Lahore in 2022

In the past, Lahore’s “burger scene” consisted of McDonald’s Big Macs or late-night scuffles at the neighborhood KFC cafe. Well, those days are over, people. If anything, there are currently too many delicious burgers, which makes it challenging to narrow down the top burgers in Lahore. Be prepared to experience some of the most delicious, food Best Burgers in Lahore in 2022.

Lahore’s top burgers

Phase 3, BAE, as of 1.

A burger establishment with the aptly named BAE will genuinely quell your hunger as soon as you dig into its juicy patties and fluffy buns.

But that’s not the only remarkable quality; they also have excellent flavor and a large selection on their menu. Our recommendation Try the Peri Peri blast if you’re in the mood for a chicken burger, but the magic mushroom burger is a must-try if you’re a meat-lover and want something hearty.

There is a distinct category for individuals who prefer fillet burgers on their burger nights.

Bagh Ali Road, SMASH, and Phase 2 DHA

Everyone has to be aware of the extraordinary history of Smash Lahore. Smash has done incredibly well, and so has its founder Ali, from being a simple burger take-out to becoming one of the top beef burger take-outs in Lahore! Ali began his business of creating wonderful beef patty burgers at home. As his reputation spread throughout the city, he opened a kitchen where he can now feed hundreds of people every day.

The menu at Smash is very straightforward: you may select between 3 comparable burgers with single, double, or triple patties, depending on your preference. The ideal supper for a hungry evening! There is also an add-on so you can customize the flavor to your palate, and they even provide wonderful milkshakes!

Cavalry Ground at CSD Mall and Just Burgers

As you probably already surmised, Only Burgers is a chain that provides “just burgers,” Best Burgers in Lahore in 2022 but they are so good that they will cause you to dream about them at night. You can order your burgers with a chicken or a beef patty, among many other options. You can choose between a single or double patty when testing beef burgers, depending on your hunger. If you want our recommendation, choose their Just Jalapeno beef burger with a double patty meal. However, if you want chicken burgers, you might want to try the Just Tangy Chicken Burger.

In the CSD Mall in Lahore, next to Cavalry Ground, is Just Burgers.

Phase 6 DHA, Johnny & Jugnu

For those unfamiliar with Urdu, you might want to get a dictionary. This burger is unquestionably SAVAGE, as its name suggests! It is not your average Zinger Burger, so don’t be deceived. The flavors surpass expectations, the crunch level is 10 times higher, and there are 6 different sauces to choose from!

Phase 3 DHA, MM Alam Road, and Amavi

Amavi gets a spot on this list because it provides a Keto Burger, which is something that other burger joints don’t. You no longer have to be afraid of burgers, diet-conscious individuals, and Keto devotees alike! Try the Keto Burger at Amavi; it has a deliciously prepared patty inside keto buns, and I guarantee it’s already making your mouth wet.

Additionally, their Wagyu Burger, which distinguishes from the Wagyu beef utilized, is a great option if you want to try a regular burger. The imported, juicy, and tender Wagyu beef in the Wagyu burger will quickly become your favorite!

Amavi has two locations in Lahore, one in the DHA Y block and the other in Gulberg, where you can eat and spend a pleasant evening enjoying a burger.

Phase 2 DHA for Pasta La Vista

Don’t let the name deceive you; Pasta La Vista serves more than just pasta. It’s also a really good burger joint! Dining at Pasta La Vista for a burger night may be just what you need because they provide you with the Italian touch in their food and two very substantial quantities of juicy and tasty burgers!

The Classic PLV and Florentine burgers come with two beef patties and criss-cross fries. Therefore they both win! Thus you can choose the most appealing components and savor your burgers to the fullest.

Big Moe’s in the Emporium Mall

It’s time to thank the original Burger Lords from the “Land of the Free” for this wonderful invention. A grilled beef patty, smoked chicken rashers, crunchy Cajun onion rings, a waterfall of BBQ sauce, and melting cheddar cheese are all piled high within freshly toasted bread. This monster of a burger probably won’t fit in one mouthful!

Jessie’s, Phase 5 DHA, Johar Town, Gulberg 2.

With this one, the hype is legitimate! Jessie’s serves up some truly mouthwatering burgers, but their Grand Beef is at the top of the list. This bad guy is not for the weak of heart; let me warn you of that. It is heaven in a bun when a luscious beef patty combines crispy turkey bacon, indulgent cheddar cheese, and caramelized onions Best Burgers in Lahore in 2022.

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