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7 Ways to Make Your Custom Tincture Boxes Eye-Catching and Inspiring

Do you want to make your custom tincture boxes eye-catching and inspiring? It might not seem like it, but tincture boxes are small things that can go a long way in helping you reach your goal of making people aware of your brand and its products or services. By using custom tincture boxes, you’re giving the public an opportunity to see exactly what they’re getting as well as letting them know how to get it right away.

1) Use Visually Appealing Materials

When you’re packaging your tinctures, it’s important to use colors, textures and patterns that are appealing. Not only does your packaging need to be visually appealing, but it also needs to be easy on the eyes. If someone is going to stare at a box for two weeks straight before deciding whether or not they want it in their home, make sure it is an appealing image! Also consider how your design will look when printed. Are all of your important fonts readable?

2) Use Contrasting Colors

It’s no secret that contrasting colors draw eyes—but in custom boxes, you have an even better opportunity. Since people (rightly) spend more time looking at your product on a shelf than they do looking at a flat screen, you can use contrasting colors to guide their gaze toward key features of your product.

3) Add Witty Quotes

Adding witty quotes is a very effective method for making your custom tincture boxes eye-catching and inspirational. Quotes not only help you in terms of inspiration but also improve your brand’s image. You can add quotes on top, bottom or inside of custom luxury boxes depending upon their size. If you are using tins with customized labels, then you can use quotation marks by printing them on labels.

4) Use Non-Traditional Designs

There are a few different types of tinctures, including alcohol-based herbal extracts, glycerin tinctures, vegetable glycerin/glycol tinctures and oil infusions. Regardless of what type you choose to make or buy, packaging them in eye-catching containers can help you create lasting impressions with your customers. Consider using unique bottles or other creative designs on your custom boxes.

5) Add a Sense of Purpose

Adding a sense of purpose to your product will help you create an emotional attachment between customers and your brand. Try including phrases such as support local farmers, or save hundreds of dollars in order to make your brand more memorable. Not only will these phrases grab their attention, but they also show that you care about more than just their dollars—it shows you care about people too.

6) Decorate With Trinkets from Home

A collection of different trinkets you can use around your house is a great way to add character to your custom tincture box. If you’re not sure where to find them, look around your home for anything small or light enough that it won’t change the overall weight of your box. A variety of trinkets will give your boxes personality and encourage buyers to purchase a few at a time.

7) Be You

You are unique. You are creative you are one of a kind. Don’t be afraid to let your sense of self shine through in every aspect of your product design, including your custom tincture boxes. If you want inspiration, try looking at things from a different perspective; choose an alternative way of viewing things; look at ways others have done things but then apply them in a new way that fits your brand perfectly. For example, if you sell natural health products for kids, consider using bright colors or fun shapes rather than going with something neutral and safe. This may seem like it would work against your brand image—but when used correctly (and sparingly), it can help make your custom boxes eye-catching and inspiring!

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