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7 tools that you can use in SEO for excelling search results

The world of technology has opened many new avenues to the world. Where it took days to complete a task now it came it takes minutes to do it. Technology has changed dynamics for businesses allowing them to discover.

In the online domain, SEO has great importance for businesses as they have to be searchable and present the top results. Unfortunately, many businesses are back in terms of acquiring a good position on the SERP.

Some businesses do not take into account work on website optimization to rank organically. You can pay for ads and enjoy privilege but it also requires working organically. To excel in the rankings on the search engine, you need to excel in SEO. It is an integral factor in running a website.

There are complications to doing it because search engines keep changing their algorithms. So, therefore, you need to keep up and work your way through.

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Now, you don’t have to think ongoing for a manual process. There are so many excellent tools that’s can help in growing your website. You need to use them in the right way.

Why You Need To Use SEO Tools?

It is evident how important SEO is for search engines. Every website’s indexing depends on it. But SEO is a long work and you cannot take all at once. The tools studies and talk about best strategies that can be applied. Here is an extracted list of some of the tools that you can use for website optimization.

Google search console

To start the list, the Google search console is a powerful tool to see how Google is looking at your website. They have tools that can be used to study your website. You can look at all the aspects of on-page and off-page SEO. It helps in improving and fixing the bugs on the website so you maintain prominent visibility on the search engine. It has other functions such as,

  • It examines how to bring people to your website. What are the queries that can make it happen? It also looks after a website’s position, the clicks, and its impressions.
  • You can submit the website’s URL and sitemap for crawling. You can take a look at how many views there is every time. Reviewing the index helps with keeping up the track.


It is another popular and most liked SEO tool. They are among the largest website crawlers and have the most credibility after Google. Their website auditing tool is considered to be the most useful in SEO. The tool allows for determining competitors’ backlinks. Its other functions include,

  • You can find keywords from the ‘keyword explorer. It helps to find relevant keywords and the ones people are searching for. They have ranked tracker that allows to see the overall performance
  • You can monitor everything now and then and check your performance against the competitors. Also, can make a schedule for your reports.

KW Finder

It a tool for searching keywords. The keywords that can raise the competition for you. They help you in finding longtail keywords and also makes up a report on analysis report. If you are running a website for custom Wikipedia page, you can use KW Finder. The other functions include,

  • They allow and has their access to search historical search volumes. KW Finder creates contend based in historical search.
  • The tool can help in searching location specific keywords. They specifically help in keywords from more than 50k locations.


BuzzStream is another SEO tool that helps in domain research, and looks after other projects. It helps in tacking every SEO matters. You can have information on everything. From overall rankings, every social media report and authority of the website. You can also audit SEO; know your competitors and their movements.

  • Search for your keywords that are at your target. Take a look at competitors and extract the best keywords.
  • They allow you to see other websites ranking and how they are doing it.


Linkody is a tool to use for backlinks and automates the whole process. You get know who is linking your website, learning keyword and discards unwanted links.

So, basically a linkody is a website for backlinks. They allow to connect with Google Analytics and generate reports that can also be sent to clients. Some of the features are,

  • It helps in generating backlinks and also reporting them to clients.
  • Linkody monitors social shares and also get insights competitors link building strategies.


These are some of tools that can be used to make website ranked better. Organically a website can be optimized by tools.

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