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7 Home Remedies to Fight Sinus Congestion

A blocked sinus can be one of the troubling experiences. Right?

I think that’s most of us. Some people get a blocked sinus more frequently than others. Further, the extent of sinus blockage can vary from person to person. It even becomes the reason behind your headaches and can make it very uncomfortable for you.

When it comes to treating sinuses, there are many available options. Many things can cause it. I severed myself from a serious sinus problem a few months back when I visited Islamabad during the pollen season. After a few weeks, I went to a renowned ENT specialist in Islamabad who diagnosed me with allergic sinusitis. He also prescribed me medications for the treatment of the condition. I followed his advice alongside home remedies for the treatment of sinus and I got better within the next few days. 

This experience made me believe that home remedies were more effective than medicine when it came to opening a blocked sinus. If you also suffer from a similar problem frequently, then you should go for some remedies next time. If you are curious about what you can do for sinus drainage, then I suggest you read further and explore some effective remedies for sinus treatment.

Home Remedies for Sinus Drainage

Here are some of the best home remedies for sinus drainage that work effectively to overcome the problem of sinus blockage.

1- Water can help you

This is one of the best remedies for sinus drainage. Drink as much water as you can to keep yourself hydrated. This will prevent the drying of your sinus cavity which adds to your trouble. Also, water helps to keep your mucus thin so it doesn’t stick in your sinus cavity. You can also drink warm water as heat can benefit you.

2- Neti Pot

Neti pot is a nasal irrigation device that helps to relieve nasal congestion. This device with the gentle flushing of the nasal passages. A neti pot also uses saline water that will further soothe your sinuses. A neti pot flushes away all the sinus irritants from your nasal cavity and helps your sinus congestion go away. You can purchase a neti pot from the market or you can prepare one on your own. Bulb syringes or squeeze bottles can also work well as a neti pot. 

3- Steam

We all have heard about many steam benefits for nasal congestion relief. Steam is one of the best remedies against a clogged sinus as it helps to loosen the mucus that makes your breathing difficult. You can have steam treatment by heating water in a pot and then trapping this steam via inhalation. Make sure to keep a towel on your head. Also, you can add a few drops of natural oils to make it even more soothing.

5- Chicken Broth

Chicken broth is another common sinus remedy that works quite well. Warm chicken soup helps to minimize inflammation and can control sinus congestion. The role of chicken broth in congestion relief is also proven by many scientific studies. This home remedy is quite popular in desi households. Black pepper, salt, onion, and ginger powder are the ingredients that even make it effective in congestion relief. 

6- Warm and Cold Compress

Next in the list of sinus relief remedies comes the role of warm and cold compress. Yes, this is the application of hot and cold alternatives that is beneficial for congestion relief. We already know its role in reducing inflammation at the site of injury but this even helps to open your congested nasal pathways. You can even perform it on your own.

All you need is to lay back and have a warm compress around your cheeks, nose, and forehead. You keep this for 3 minutes and then replace it with a cold compress and keep it for another 30 seconds. You repeat the process several times during the day for early relief.

5- Work on your sleep position

When you are suffering from congestion, you know that it gets worse during the night. To overcome this, you need to focus on your sleep position. Position your head slightly above the surface level so that mucus doesn’t clog your throat further. You can even keep an extra pillow to maintain a slightly raised head position. Some people also say that nasal congestion can get better with a nasal strip. So, you can even wear it to make your night comfortable.

Bottom Line

Sinus congestion is a common problem and can be cured with medications and certain home remedies. However, when you are following these, also make sure to keep an eye on your dietary choices. Try consuming the foods that tend to boost your immunity. You also need to visit your doctor if it gets worse over time.

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