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6 Basic deep cleaning tips from carpet cleaners on hire in London

Which is the easiest way turning a house into a home? Deck the entire floor in carpet. There is hardly anything that beats the softness of a carpet in summers when you walk around barefooted. And in winters there is nothing like the warmth of a carpet to keep your feet cosy. You can lie on it close to the fireplace or heater maybe with a book. A pillow fort on a carpet spells comfort and nothing else. Carpets invariably turn a house into a home like nothing else. 

Carpets are a long-term purchase. Maintenance is a crucial factor for this range of décor commodities. A carpet cleaner on hire in London with years of experience in the trade says proper maintenance of carpets includes a lot of things than those mere weekly vacuum efforts that people make. In the following section of the blog post let us explore few helpful hacks to get your carpets clean.

Use of lint roller – did you ever feel like however hard you may vacuum the device is not meant to handle crumbs, hair and crud? This is something common with carpet cleaning. Even the most powerful vacuum cleaner fails cleaning top grade carpets to an impressive level. Rather you should try out lint roller to particularly clean the problem areas of your fancy carpet. Do invest some elbow grease till you get rid of all the stubborn debris. Depending on your carpet type the task will not even last beyond 5 minutes per carpet.

Squeegee to get rid of pet hair – pet hair is a notorious element to get rid of from carpet surface. Specially if you rely on a vacuum cleaner the task invariably remains unresolved however hard you may try. A lint roller is not so effective to tackle this issue. Lint rollers cannot tackle or cover the entire surface area of a carpet. Moreover some pets may even contribute with shedding on carpets. What you need is a squeegee. Specially if your carpet has short hair, a squeegee is most helpful. If you think squeegee is designed only for windows it is high time that you think again. It works as an excellent tool to dislodge frost, gunk and other precipitations that stick to a surface forming thin layers. Apply water to the squeegee and just use it the way you would on a window.

Get rid of stains with an iron – professionals with years of experience in fine carpet cleaning London have something important to add to the ongoing context. As far as carpet cleaning at homes is concerned innovation and intelligence of homeowners play vital roles in stain removal. In fact several schools of thoughts exist on the matter. One of those is this three-step process –

  • Vacuum the stained area. This preparatory step allows getting rid of hard particles. Now you can focus only on the stains. 
  • Prepare a solution of vinegar and water in 1:3 ratios respectively. Treat the stained spots with this mixture. Allow the solution to settle in. Five minutes often proves to be sufficient.
  • Spread a clean towel on top of a stained area before applying a heated iron. Because of the heat and the pressure that the iron exerts, the stain gets transferred to the towel leaving the carpet clean.

Never rub but always blot – if you have noticed you will know we instinctively rub dirt away. We do it while washing dishes, polishing shoes and laundering bed sheets, etc. But with carpets rubbing has a whole new dimension. When you rub a stained area on a carpet you actually help spreading the stain. As a result the fabric may get permanently discoloured. Irrespective of the cleaning solution that you use, make sure there is only blotting and no rubbing while cleaning carpets. In blotting as you apply pressure on the problem area, the cleaning solution gets absorbed into the piece of cloth or sponge while taking the stain away with it. It is also important to pay attention to the direction you blot in. According to carpet cleaner rental London experts this is meant to protect the fibre of your carpet. Always make it a point to blot outside in. this prevents further spreading of stains.

Homemade carpet cleaner for deep cleaning

you can buy all the commercially manufactured detergents that are available in the market for carpet cleaning. But those are not the best solution specially when you are committed to a healthy, organic life. If you want a eco-friendly and effective carpet cleaning solution prepared at home then here is a recipe.

Mix the following ingredients in a container –

  • A ¼ cup of white vinegar
  • A ¾ cup of hydrogen peroxide
  • 2 tablespoons of dishwashing soap
  • 5 drops of any essential oil
  • 2 tablespoons of fabric softener
  • 1 gallon of hot water (mind you, only hot and not boiling)

The solution thus prepared is much more effective in deep cleaning carpets than anything bought from store. Add the solution to you carpet shampooing machine and you are all set to deep clean your carpet thoroughly.

Baking soda is an excellent option removing oil stains – removing oils and oily stains from a carpet is one of the most tiresome jobs. You cannot treat this type of stains with hot water and dabbing technique. What you need is a special technique to extract the oil from your carpet surface. Baking soda proves to be an excellent agent to save the day for you. Apply moderate amount of baking soda to the stained areas. Leave it for sometime till the substance absorbs the stain. This forms a type of dry crust which can easily be vacuumed away. Thus you are left with a lighter stain. Once most of the oil is absorbed, you can move on to dabbing the stain for better results.

In addition to the tried and tested tips above trained and skilled professionals associated with the Vip Carpet Cleaning London suggest you should try keeping your carpet as much clean as possible. Wear shoe caps indoors to blunt out stains of mud and dirt. Try out the tips discussed here and feel free to share your results. Carpets come in such a huge variation of materials, colour, shape and size that every tip is not ideal for item. However these are some of the basic strategies we have discussed here.

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