5 Reasons to Study MBA in UK from University of Worcester
5 Reasons to Study MBA in UK from University of Worcester
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5 Reasons to Study MBA in UK from University of Worcester

MBA from University of Worcester

When you get an MBA in UK for Indian students, a degree from the University of Worcester UK, is one of the most reputed degrees in the world. Graduates completing their MBA from these schools are recognized by businesses all over the world, both local and international. Here are 5 reasons to study MBS in UK from University of Worcester:


Shorter courses:

There are many MBA programs that can be completed in just one year. The advantages of these shorter courses include- saving time and money, graduating faster, stepping out into the real world, and starting earning faster.

Closely linked to the industry:

There are various universities and business schools in the UK like the University of Worcester that are linked to the industries and industrial leaders, many of which have actually graduated from the University of Worcester. This gives students a very good opportunity to meet these leaders, for whom they will probably work one day. An MBA from the University of Worcester UK prepares you for the requirements of business in the 21st century.

Business contacts and networking:

Since the University of Worcester has close links with these businesses and industries, students have the opportunity to meet these people at various special events, guest lectures, and seminars. If you maintain good relations with these people, it will be of great help in the future.

Why Choose the University of Worcester among other universities?

The reputation of Business Schools in the UK:

In the top 100 world university ranking, the UK has 4 of its universities like the University of Worcester in the top ten, and sixteen universities overall. These include- the University of Worcester, Oxford, Cambridge, University College London, and Imperial College London. Students choose the University of Worcester as the destination for their education because of its rich history, reputation for high quality, global language, and courses that are competitively priced.

Low cost:

There are numerous small and private universities and colleges in and around the UK but the University of Worcester stands out, which is ranked decently and offers MBA courses to International students at a lower cost. The tuition fees of pursuing an MBA in UK from the University of Worcester courses start from £7,000.

Some Additional Benefits of Choose University of Worcester

Small Class Sizes

The University of Worcester in the UK is a small, genteel institution that emphasizes practical learning. Because of the small class sizes, students benefit from the expertise, guidance, and experience of our professors throughout their academic careers. A Personal Academic Lecturer is assigned to each student to help them with any questions they may have.

Our Supportive and Helpful International Community

Even though you will be studying, learning, and on placement a lot as an MBA student, you will still have time to interact with the friendly international student community. You will have the opportunity to experience and develop your ability to better understand different cultures and participate in various events, such as Lunar New Year, Holi, and Diwali, as there are about eighty different-different nationalities represented on campus.

The Beautiful and Gorgeous, Historic City

Worcester is a hidden gem that is little recognized yet is a beautiful place to live and study. In Worcester, the United Kingdom, one in ten residents is a student (which also means many student discounts!). The self-governing companies in amazing sites that you cannot find in every city, from bars in 16th-century Tudor mansions to burger eateries beneath railway arches, are what really set Worcester apart. A variety of live music venues, a retro gaming and pinball arcade, weekly outdoor markets, and an indoor climbing gym can all be found in Worcester. The University of Worcester’s commencement exercises is held in the cathedral, which is situated next to the Severn River, the largest river in the United Kingdom.


Students who attend the University of Worcester can easily travel to other parts of the UK from there. Birmingham is 45 minutes away by direct train from London, which is just over two hours away. Shakespeare’s birthplace of Stratford-upon-Avon is a little over an hour distant, and the Malvern Hills are only 15 minutes away if you’d want to explore the surrounding area. The charming Cotswolds, Oxford and the shopping district Bicester Village are all easily accessible. Our skilled team and students with foreign experience routinely plan excursions for our international students, such as trips to Blenheim Palace and the Harry Potter Studio Tour.

Sporting and Helpful Life

Sporting events can be enjoyed in peace and quiet in Worcester! Worcestershire County Cricket Club, whose New Road stadium is widely regarded as the most attractive and appealing in the county, as well as the Worcester Warriors rugby club, are both based in the city. In both the social and athletic calendars, Worcester Wolves basketball club game evenings at the University Arena are a frequent occurrence.

The Safe, Friendly, Attractive Environment

The finest city to call home is Worcester, which has already been named the happiest city in the UK and placed in the top three for all measures of safety, attractiveness, and friendliness.

Our Healthcare Expertise

In 1832, the Worcester Business School’s boardroom served as the location for the founding of the British Medical Association. The University has kept its connections to the medical field alive by continuing to train caring nurses, physiotherapists, midwives, occupational therapists, and paramedics.

A third of the university’s students are presently enrolled in programmes connected to health, earning it the distinction of receiving the biggest allocation of additional health-related student seats in the UK in 2020. It has been providing nursing and midwifery education for 25 years and is today regarded as one of the largest training facilities in the nation.

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