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5 Content Monetization Tactics Will Make You More Money $$$

In this blog, I’m gonna show you five unique ways to make money from webpages that most people don’t monetize on their website. And if you set them up like I’m about to show you, you can often make more money than pages that are actually built for making money. My experience has shown me that any page on a website can be monetized if you know how to do it correctly. And I’m even talking about your informational content pages.

What Is Informational Content?

Building out a website typically starts with keyword research. Using various techniques and tools, physician cv writing services will discover all the keywords that people are searching for in your website’s niche. The first ones that your greedy eyes will notice will likely be your buyer intent keywords also known as money keywords. If for example, I was making a website in CBD niche, these would be keywords like best CBD vape or buy CBD oil. Once you rank for these keywords, you’re gonna start making money, why? Because the buyer intent behind these keywords is perfect.

People searching for buy CBD oil already have their wallets out. If you look at the buyer journey as a funnel, people searching for these keywords are considered bottom of the funnel or BOFU because they’re ready to convert. But further up on this diagram, we have TOFU, top of the funnel, and MOFU, middle of the funnel. Now, what kinda keywords are in these categories? TOFU and MOFU keywords have much less buyer intent.

Creating Awareness For People

TOFU keywords are typically around creating awareness for people that don’t even know there’s a solution for the problem they have. Using the CBD niche example, TOFU keywords might include “How can I fix anxiety?” or “What is CBD?” In both these cases, there’s nearly zero buyer intent. And the searcher is only now getting introduced to what CBD even is in the first place.

MOFU searchers are now aware of CBD and they’re typing in stuff like “Benefits of CBD oil,” or “Can CBD fix anxiety?” In the affiliate and e-commerce worlds, pages that target TOFU and MOFU keywords are typically called informational content pages. And they’re not usually monetized. Simply because they don’t convert well and there’s low buyer intent behind the traffic that landed on those pages, especially with top of the funnel keywords.

Pages Meant For Conversion

We know that those pages meant for conversion also known as money pages. And we know that there’s pages that typically don’t convert at all and those are called informational pages. Why would you ever spend the money and time to create the ladder? Because if you wanna rank your website on Google, it’s a necessary evil. There’s a concept called topical authority. Here’s a hypothetical situation. Let’s say two websites are selling CBD oil.

One website has 50 different bottom of the funnel pages trying to sell anything and everything related to CBD. Oils, vape pens, cat shampoo, all of it. But there’s another website that only has five monetized pages. But they have 45 informational-type pages that get into the research, benefits, and side effects of CBD. Which one will do better? I can tell you from experience, the website that acts as an all-in-one resource on a topic will always do better.


Where have we seen this before? Well, there’s a site called Healthline that you might’ve heard about before, that has over 80 pages just on Apples. Once you start to cover the entirety of a topic, Google starts to see you as an authority on that topic and start to dominate in the search results. I did a really interesting interview with Koray Tugberk on the subject so make sure to watch it after you watch this blog.

Another reason this especially applies to websites that are monetized with affiliate links is because since December, 2020, Google has been punishing websites with large ratios of money affiliate content. This site right here is GearHungry and it got utterly destroyed. This one is called Best of Machinery, again, utterly destroyed.

Surfer On Over 600 Affiliate Websites

I ran a correlation study with Surfer on over 600 affiliate websites, and we essentially found out that the higher percentage of money content you have on your site, the greater the traffic loss you would have seen in the December, 2020 Google update. I’ve actually reversed the damage from this update on one of my site by focusing on posting exclusively informational content since we got a hit.

So again, check it out after you watch this blog. Informational content is a necessary evil if you do SEO. You need it in order to become a topical authority. You also need it so you don’t get dinged by this Google penalty. But doesn’t it kinda feel like a waste if it’s not gonna make you money? Well, that’s where many people are dead wrong. Informational content can make you a crap ton of money if you know how to monetize it correctly.

Top Five Favorite Ways To Monetize Informational Content

In this blog, I’ll show you my top five favorite ways to monetize informational content. Here’s a quick ask though. If you like what you’re seeing so far, can you let me know by hitting that like button? Hitting the like button thankfully is not a necessary evil and you can definitely go on your merry way watching the rest of the blog with the like button in it’s depressed-looking state. But by simply hitting it smack in the face, you helped my channel out a ton and earn my appreciation.

The first way I recommend to anyone and everyone in the freaking world who owns a website is to monetize their informational content with an email list. A lack of an email list on an e-commerce affiliate or SaaS website should seriously be a crime. Let me show you how it’s done. I guess I understand why many people don’t do it.

Altogether Compared To Typical SEO Tasks

Because it’s foreign to them, and it’s a completely different thing altogether compared to typical SEO tasks. Let me make this super easy for you and I’ll show you how much money it can make you, too. Actually, let me just start with how much money an email funnel can make you. People can sign up to my email list through various forms like here in my sidebar or here at the bottom of a blog post or here where they’re downloading one of my free guides like my Evergreen Onsite SEO guide.

Onsite SEO Guide

When you sign up, you’ll receive a welcome email with a link to a whole bunch of free guides. And then in a few days, you get an email that takes you to a page with my legit favorite SEO tools and services. Each of these links is monetized with an affiliate link. And just from the email list sending traffic to this page over the last three months on average, I’m making $4,562 per month on autopilot. – Good job, really good job.

Email List Is Bringing To My Other Businesses

Note that I’m not counting any of the income that this email list is bringing to my other businesses such as my agency, The Search Initiative, or my course, The Affiliate Lab. This is strictly the front-end earnings that show up right away. Here’s how to create and monetize an email list. Look at what type of informational content is on your website and divided up into categories. So in my case, I have a lot of content on onsite SEO, offsite SEO, case studies, and general business advice.

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For each of these categories, make a free downloadable PDF guide like my Evergreen Onsite SEO Guide, my Backlink Blueprint Timeline, my collection of case studies, and my business scaling guide. Then use a software like Thrive Leads or Optin Monster to create in place inline call-to-action buttons in your content.

Specific Category Of Content

You want to match the topic of the guide with the specific category of content that its readers would appeal to. For example, in my completely informational guide to anchor texts, you’ll see a place to download my Backlink Blueprint PDF. This will pop up a form for you to enter in your name and email address. That form will connect to your email marketing provider. For most simple setups, I use AWeber.

Then once someone has signed up on your list, they go through an email followup series that you wanna monetize. Here’s how you’ll do that. First, send them back to your best of the best posts that are already monetized. For example, the third email in your followup series on your CBD site can send them to your post on the best CBD oils of the year.

Coupon Codes To Affiliate Products

You can also send them personalized coupon codes to affiliate products and services you stand behind. And this is what I do on Diggity Marketing, send your readers special offers to your own products. The value of an email list doesn’t stop there. What happens over time when you build up thousands of subscribers on your list? Every time you produce a new piece of content, you can email it out to your lists, get thousands of eyeballs on it, get some conversions, and get a great headstart in Google’s eyes by stirring up a ton of user engagement.

Or you can crush your competition on Black Friday by sending out coupon codes directly to your list. One affiliate networks sent me an iPad because I flooded their order system on Black Friday. Guys, email marketing is such a slept on tactic. So important that I decided to make a full on module on it for my course, The Affiliate Lab. Please don’t sleep on email marketing no matter what kind of site you have.

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