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5 ClickBank Alternatives will Make You Way More Money

I’m about to show you five of my favorite ClickBank alternatives. These are all affiliate programs that I’ve worked with myself and I personally find them much easier to work with and sometimes much more profitable. Many people have reported getting banned by ClickBank or not even accepted to the program in the first place.

Not to worry because I think you’re gonna be more than happy with the alternatives I’m about to lay out. If you’ve never heard of ClickBank before they’re an affiliate marketing platform. Different product creators will sign up with ClickBank which then matches them with affiliate marketers like yourself. Video seo experts in 2022 specializes in info products and online courses.

Digital Education Products

Now before I started listing off my favorite ClickBank alternatives, I’d like you to educate that like button until it turns blue. Yes go ahead and show who’s boss an odd number of times. The YouTube algorithm and myself, thank you wholeheartedly. My first recommended ClickBank alternative is JVZoo. JVZoo is very similar to ClickBank in the sense that they both promote info products and online courses quite well. They also have a ton of software as a service or SAAS products.

Finding products to promote in JVZoo is pretty darn easy. You can sort by category to hone in on your niche and you can then sort by various stats like earnings per click EPC. Just remember to take these stats with a grain of salt. They can sometimes be overinflated on the plus side with JVZoo, like ClickBank the commission rates can be quite high.

70% Info Products

I’ve even seen it as much as 70% on some info products. Now, just to add in case you’re wondering I’ve never had any problems with getting paid. They’ve always been on time. Everything’s good in that sense, JVZoo is also free to sign up and easy to use, and they don’t seem to have this random Banhammer aspect that ClickBank and some other debugs do. To promote JV zoo products I recommend creating a blog or maybe even a YouTube channel, reviewing online courses and info products.

My favorite way of doing this is through launch jacking. With launch jacking, you get a landing page up before the course even launches. That way you’re almost guaranteed to be number one Ford’s keypad when it launches. And you’re gonna take advantage of this huge wave of traffic due to the hype of the launch itself. I’ve left a link for JVZoo in the description down below. My second recommended ClickBank alternative is to use commission junction also known as CJ.

CJ Is A Huge Network

They don’t just focus on info products. They have them, but they have a much wider range of offers to choose from as well. Now one of the major advantages of working with CJ is they have access to major major brands like home Depot, Barnes and noble and Lowe’s. Unlike JVZoo they’re great to work with too but I got to say their dashboard needs some work though. Seriously insane how bad it is. To promote commission junction, content websites work really, really well. This is your typical affiliate SEO play where you’re ranking for review type keywords and then recommending your CJ products.

Otherwise, YouTube I hear works pretty well and I’ve also had a lot of personal success doing email marketing for CJ product. Just make sure to check that the particular product you’re promoting is cleared for email marketing because not all of them are. There’s a signup link for CJ in the description down below. My third recommended ClickBank alternative is market health.

Market Health And Beauty Space

Market health specializes in the health and especially beauty space, which makes them quite unique. They’ve been in the game for a while and they know how to make great landing pages that convert. One of the best things about market health is you get easy access to the affiliate managers, which means you can negotiate for higher commissions when your sales start to pick up. And as far as I know, all the products listed on market health are actually owned and produced by market health. So they’re also very flexible on getting you what you need.

On the other side of the coin, I have heard rumors about commission skimming but I’ve done over a half million dollars with them. And to my knowledge it’s all been cleaned. To promote market health I’ve had a lot of success with content websites, again your typical affiliate SEO play. And one of the reasons it works so well is because you’re in the beauty space. It’s not quite like the health niche, YMYL where you’re constantly scrutinized even more and more by the algorithm.

A Little Bit Easier To Rank

To sign up for market health, just use the link in the description. My fourth recommended ClickBank alternative is FanFuel. I went pretty nuts talking about FanFuel in my video about high ticket affiliate programs. So if you wanna check that out, just click the link up above. Now FanFuel like market health is also in the health and beauty space but more towards the fitness side of things. And these guys really know how to incentivize affiliates. Therefore, lifetime commissions for anyone you refer to them, there’s tiered commissions so if your lead refers other people, you earn off them as well.

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They have excellent customer service, killer landing pages and a lot of their brands and products are already well-known in the fitness space. To promote FanFuel products. Again, affiliate SEO content websites do really really good here. And I also hear YouTube does really good as well. Make sure to sign up to FanFuel using the link in the description. My final recommended ClickBank alternative is OfferVault. OfferVault specializes in CPA or cost per acquisition in CPL or cost per lead.

Make Money Generating Leads

If you wanna make money generating leads or signups in various forms, check them out. This includes getting people to sign up for Forex trading platforms, sweepstakes, casinos, dating sites, or even language courses. Many people prefer this lead generation model because they find it a lot easier. And I can see that as well, especially because you can break down lead generation into statewide or even local city-wide levels rather than competing on the national or even worldwide levels.

Bear in mind, CPL is a completely different beast. It’s not the same as just getting someone to click on an affiliate link and going to Amazon and buying something there. You mean taking them to a form where they’re gonna be giving out personal information and people can be quite sensitive about it.

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