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5 Benefits Of Living In An Apartment During College

When joining a college, many questions may come to your mind, such as where to live. While some people enjoy having the freedom to explore their options and try different things, others find that apartment living is an easier option. The college experience is a time for growth and having an apartment to live in will help you learn new things.

Here are some of the benefits you can get from living in an apartment.

1. Flexibility

One of the benefits of living in an apartment during college is its flexibility, especially for those just starting their college experience. Living in an apartment allows you much more freedom, the space you need, and the ability to make your apartment yours. You can choose the colors, furniture, and decorations that you want. This means you don’t have to follow anyone else’s ideas, which is a great way to explore your creativity.

Additionally, living in an apartment will allow you to live close to your school, which is a great way to save money. It will also be easier when it comes to getting around because there will be no need for public transportation.

2. Living in a Community

When living in an apartment, you have the opportunity to live in a community of people with different interests and goals. This will allow you to get to know people you wouldn’t normally meet otherwise. It will also help you learn about different lifestyles and cultures, which is a great way to develop your interests.

This differs from living in a dorm, where most of the people you will meet will also be students. Living in an apartment will sometimes allow you to meet people that are older than you and have a different perspective on how the world works than your own.

Also, apartment living might be a great choice if you would like to live with roommates. That is because it offers more freedom when choosing roommates. Having friends around while in college is a great way to have fun and get through the tough challenges of college life.

3. More Freedom

You can choose the location of your apartment, which means that if you want to be near campus or in a place where there are fewer people, you can also choose that. When living in an apartment, you will have complete freedom when choosing your living space and what amenities are nearby just for you.

Another benefit of being an apartment dweller is deciding how your living space works. When living in a dorm, you might have to live with the decisions made by others, including where to put their furniture and decorations. This can be a problem for those who want to make all their living space decisions.

4. More Amenities

One of the factors to consider when looking where to live during your college life is whether or not you will have any amenities. While living in a dorm provides some amenities, they can vary depending on where you live. If you choose to live in an apartment, you will have more of these things available.

That is because many apartments near Slippery Rock University, for example, include a pool, gym, game room, and more services that residents will enjoy.

5. Safety

Another factor to consider when choosing where to live during college is safety. Living in a dorm might not have as much privacy as you would like, and your belongings are more likely to get stolen. Living in an apartment can make you feel safer about your possessions and valuables.


As you can see, living in an apartment has many benefits you might not get when living in a dorm during college. However, you must choose the right place to live and ensure that you have all of the opportunities it offers. That way, you’ll have a great college experience as you develop more as a person.

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