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5 Anime Supporting Characters That Gave Off Main Character Energy

There are so many well-loved anime shows that genuinely showcase some of the best story arcs the world has ever seen. As avid enjoyers of the art form, we often fall in love with lead characters. On the not-so-rare occurrence of being a little too attached to supporting characters, have you ever imagined if they had been the main character? 

At the end of your long work day, you deserve a nice and relaxing massage. But how do you find an Asian massage near you? Where can you go when you want to relax and feel pampered? In this article, we’ve listed some helpful Asian massages center that might help! Let’s look back on iconic shows and their beloved cast. Here are a few characters we’ve put together to petition for them to have their show! 

Demon Slayer, Kyojuro Rengoku

One of the most popular anime series on Netflix is probably Demon Slayer. And if you’ve seen all 3 story arcs on Netflix, then you’ve probably noticed that Demon Slayer swords are on another level and that Rengoku deserved that Mugen Train Arc – and maybe a bit more.

Without spoiling too much, in the show, Rengoku’s role as a mentor for Tanjiro explains how the newly minted demon slayer came to acquire demon slayer Rengoku’s sword, which is a pretty big deal. To give insight, demon slayer swords are custom-made by a master craftsman to suit their combat style and techniques. Rengoku’s style was of the Flame Breathing kind, while Tanjiro’s style is Water Breathing. What could it all possibly mean? This is why we need to know more about Rengoku.

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Spy X Family, Yor Briar

To be fair, putting Yor on this list is a bit premature. Given that there’s only been 1 season of the series out and we’ve yet to see more from each member of the “family.” But, Yor really through the doors of everyone’s heart being that lovely assassin mother for Anya. How did she come to be this loving yet deadly woman? Why does she get drunk so easily?

While we all know her brother and her secrets, there’s just a bit more that we want to see from her. Maybe we’ll all just have to wait for season 2 in a few months! Until then, let’s hope the writers have put together an in-depth look at how Yor became who she is.

My Hero Academia, Shoto Todoroki

The backbone of My Hero Academia is truly Deku and Bakugo’s dynamic. The addition of Todoroki’s storyline warrants more time and attention. Aside from his disgruntled childhood and opposing powers of fire and ice, his hero arc and development make us want to look out for him more. Unfortunately, Shoto is one of the more quiet and mysterious characters in My Hero Academia. With a bit more insight into his childhood and powers, we may be able to tell just how powerful he can be and whether he will be able to fully maximize his potential.

Moreover, will there be more to his relationship with Deku? Maybe knowing that his father succeeds All Might, triggers the audience to wonder if he will ever have a desire to be the best in his field, just like Deku. We think having a Shoto Todoroki-focused show will address a larger audience given how so much has already related to his strong feelings against his father.

Demon Slayer, Giyu Tomioka

It feels like we saw Giyu once at the beginning of Demon Slayer then never again.  Who was this Hashira that first pardoned Tanjiro and allowed Nezuko to live? There’s so much to unpack here. If we’re being honest, the Pillars (Hashira) each deserve their show- but Giyu Tomioka was the first Pillar to appear in the show. He had the opportunity to kill Nezuko. We deserve an explanation- in the form of a spin-off with Giyu as the main character. Thank you very much.

It is also worth mentioning that Giyu’s demon slayer sword is a Blue Nichirin blade used for his Water Breathing combat technique. He sent off Tanjiro to train under Urokodaki who also mentored him. What was it that Gyi felt when he saw Nezuko protect Tanjiro? Is it the same experience? We believe that having his show will shed some light on these matters.

Fruits Basket, Kyo Sohma

Fruits Basket is one of the OG animes that had us all rooting for the same person- Tohru. Yes, the unfortunate girl that lost her parents. The girl the Sohma family took in and exposed their family secret to.

Like all coming-of-age-slash-family stories, there is always one black sheep. In this show, it’s Kyo. His character was underwritten and lacked focus, especially since he ends up being a major supporting character. There’s a lot more to tell on how the cat is shunned in the zodiac and why is his family shutting him out. So many questions, not enough screen time!

We know that so many more supporting roles deserve to be on this list. From mysterious characters to the history of demon slayer swords and underappreciated characters. Who would you put on your list?  And what fighting technique would you practice if you were a demon slayer?

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