12 Kayak Fishing Accessories You Need to Have

Kayak fishing offers a lot of advantages over bank fishing.

A small vessel like a kayak offers better casting clearance and the ability to sneak almost silently into any body of water to access nearly any fishing spot – even very shallow areas where other craft can’t go.

Kayaks are also lightweight and highly portable, and some are highly seaworthy, with excellent primary stability.

That said, there’s no sense in leaving home port if you don’t prepare with the essential kayak fishing accessories. These are some of the most important of them for kayak anglers.

  1. A kayak cart

Kayaks aren’t usually heavy, but they’re still a bit much for most solitary anglers to carry from the truck to the landing, especially if you can’t drive right up to it. Consider a bike lock, too, especially if you need to leave your kayak cart at a landing far from your truck.

  1. A life vest

This is among the most important piece not only of kayak fishing gear but of paddle sports gear in general. Never get in the water without a personal floatation device. The weather can turn on a dime anywhere, and a storm on the water is an experience no boater ever wants to have to go through.

  1. A paddle clip (and a paddle, obviously)

While kayaks are convenient, they don’t have a lot of room. You need to maximize your real estate. Consider a paddle clip to hang your paddle over the side when you’re fighting fish.

  1. A rod holder

The same goes for rods. Unless you’re actively fishing, your rods will be in your way if you don’t have holders. Either get a kayak that has integral holders or get screw-in or clip-on upgrades.

  1. An anchor, anchor line, and spare line (In a pinch you can use paracord)

Drift fishing is not always the aim, and in moving water, you’ll be robbed of opportunities and structure if you can’t control your drift. An anchor will help with that. A grapnel anchor is perfect for kayaks and canoes. Get some spare line, too – paracord is not ideal but can work as an anchor line in a pinch. Otherwise, get a marine poly or nylon rope.

  1. Cleats

Most kayaks come with cleats but if not they’re only a few dollars a pop. You need them to secure lines, anchors, and more.

  1. A landing net

Again, kayaks are short on room. If you’re targeting larger fish, a landing net can help prevent boat-side break-offs.

  1. A multi-tool/hook disgorger (or both, really)

You should already have a multi-tool or a hook disgorger or both in your tackle box. If not, put one in your vest. You’ll need them on the water.

  1. A tape measure

You can get away without a tape measure without ruining your fishing experience. But don’t be upset if people accuse you of telling fish tales without a picture next to a tape measure to prove them.

  1. A dry bag

Some fishing kayaks have dry compartments. Others, like sit-on models, may not. Therefore, it’s vital to bring along a dry bag where you can store changes of clothes or sensitive electronics. A dry bag is a pretty important kayak accessory.

  1. A few flashlights

One flashlight is never enough. Remember, two is one and one is none. Always have at least one spare.

And by the way, “this fishing trip will be over before sunset,” is not an excuse.

In many places, it is illegal to be on the water at night without an all-around white light, even if you are not underway. Bring two at least. Three are better.

  1. A first aid kit

Just a few essentials are all you need here. Some bandages, athletic tape, and perhaps some rubbing alcohol or Neosporin. You just don’t want to let a hook puncture wound or an errant poke from your bait knife end a day on the water prematurely. Stash these in your dry bag and you can stay fishing for longer.

Where Can You Get Kayak Fishing Accessories?

Of course, we didn’t include the most basic tackle and gear here. You’ll naturally need to take along your rods and other tackle. These are just the kayak fishing accessories that will make your time on the water safer and more productive.

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